Monday, May 28, 2012

Suzuki Saturday: Bread and Cheese

We are ready for piano!  
It is time to review the songs from Book 1.
  • The music bag is ready--courtesy of Subway.
  • The Bread and Cheese game is set up with a picture of me on the bread and my daughter on the cheese.
  • Now it is time to have some fun!

The "bread" is often the beginning and the end of the piece, and the "cheese" is the middle. My daughter chooses a piece from the magic bag, then decides who will play the "bread" and who will play the "cheese".

Looks like I get to play the bread!

She chose Goodbye to Winter

She plays her portion, without looking at the music.  I, however, need the music to play my part!

At the end of the session we have reviewed ten songs!  Each time there was a smile on her face, as she picked the song and changed our pictures around on the bread and cheese page.
(Songs we reviewed: Allegretto 2, Goodbye to Winter, Allegretto 1, Chante Arabe, Allegro, Musette, Christmas Day Secrets, Lightly Row, Cuckoo, and Honeybee.

I hope you enjoy!  You should be able to get the pictures and play the game yourself by clicking on the links below!

Bread and Cheese
Suzuki Book One Songs (Pictures)

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  1. My nieces take Suzuki violin so I know all of those songs! =)

    Heather's Heart