Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Daily 5-Chapter 1

I really enjoyed the first chapter because it helps me understand the wonderful possibilities of today's classroom.  As a great lover of children's literature, I want all students to come away from the classroom with the same love.  I believe that the Daily 5 offers a structure to accomplish that goal.  I hope after reading the book, that my first classroom would represent the values of Daily 5 where all the activities had a purpose and meaning, rather than just a way to fill a twenty minute block of time.

In addition, I felt the activities had purpose and meaning.  Reading and writing is a powerful tool when students do it with a purpose.  I love the idea of building stamina in children.  This coupled with modeling and purposeful work are powerful teaching tools.

One of the ways I feel that Daily 5 sets itself apart from other reading programs is each component is done daily.  Everyday the students know they are going to do the five components of reading.  They also will choose and take ownership of their learning.  Choice is a powerful tool!  I also believe it gives teachers a framework of how to incorporate writers and readers workshop in a succinct manner.


  1. Thanks for visiting little old me . . . Loved your Daily 5 post. I believe choice is a powerful tool as well. I just need to let the control freak in me ease up just a bit to implement this more :). I will be chiming in on Chapter 2 this next week!

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

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