Friday, June 8, 2012

Penguins . . . . . . . .

Penguins can slide on their bellies. 

Penguins have flippers.

Penguins are birds.

Penguins are super cute.

Penguins are mommies and daddies.

After our field trip, we filled out a graphic organizer.  Emily came up with all the answers.  I was amazed that she remembered how the penguins build rock nests.

So go ahead and grab a Can-Have-Are-Chart  and then waddle, swim, and hop your way to becoming penguins.


  1. Great Idea! I could do this with all my kids - each at their own level! Zoo, here we come!! :)

    1. Jo, I more: a sea turtle, dolphin, and shark. We did do it all together in the car.

  2. I love Thinking Maps! We just completed our introductory workshop and the tree map really helped my second graders write about our baby chicks back in May. They wrote three and five paragraphs about the chicks. I was amazed, astounded, and pleased as punch!

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