Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Outings

feeding the kids
Feeding the kids at Farmer's Museum.
My boys just spent four days at their grandparents' house with five of their cousins.  It was called "Grandma's Camp."  They had a great time.  As a way to document their trip, I asked:  "What did you like?  What did you wish was different?  and What did you dislike?"

Here is what they came up with:

We loved:
  • going to Gilbert Lake.
  • feeding the animals at Farmers Museum.
  • going on the carousel.
  • eating New York pizza.
  • going to grandpa's lake.
  • feeding the kids (baby goats).
  • having grandma camp.
  • going to the Butterfly Conservatory.
  • seeing 5 red-eyed tree frogs.
  • skipping stones.
We wished:
  • it was longer.
  • we had more pizza.
  • we did boat races and other games with the boats.
  • had hard taco shells.
We disliked:
  • going home.
  • missing our parents.
So if you want to document any activity: camps, zoo trips, field trips, or rainy day activities you can grab the loved-wished-disliked chart.

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