Saturday, June 23, 2012

Suzuki Saturday #1: Learning a new Song

Lightly Row or Hey There Mouse

After Em completed her first concert, we started working on Lightly Row. Her teacher suggested that I use different color beads to represent the different sections of the song.  A red bead for 5-3-3 and blue bead for 4-2-2.  It worked really well, except I couldn't remember from one practice to another practice which bead represented which section of the song.  Sometimes even during the same practice, I couldn't remember which bead represented which section of the song.  So I devised a plan--instead of beads what I really needed-- pictures.  I wanted pictures to go with each section of the song.  Luckily, our teacher gave us fun words for the song.  Once I had the pictures--the real fun began.  We put the pictures in plastic Easter eggs, hide them under puzzle pieces, or put magnets on the pictures and go fishing for different parts of the song.  It made piano a fun game, rather than a chore!

Hey there mouse.
In your house.

Better stay inside your house.

For the rest of the song go here.

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  1. Kaylene,
    So fun to see what you're up to! Looks like you are still learning, still teaching and still inspiring! I can't wait to follow your blog! Love, Ali