Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Writing Wednesday


Ideas: Where does a writer get ideas?  Byrd Baylor found her ideas in nature, and so can everyone!

After you read the book, go for a nature walk with your children.  The children can either draw or write about nature.  You may want to give them the "just right" amount of natural objects to draw.  For some children that may be one, for other they may be five.  

Then you can write invitations for a celebration of nature.  To give writing a purpose, make the invitation a real event.  (Writing is always better if their is a real purpose!) The child chooses their celebration, but you can choose the date and time.

In the classroom, you can invite: parents, reading buddies, the principal, lunchroom aids, or custodians.

At home, you can invite: relatives, friends, or neighbors.  

I would love to hear how your celebrations turned out!

Here are some of our invitations:

You are invited to the first time I saw a bug.  It felt creepy to me!

You are invited to a celebration called Go Outside Day.  You will go outside and admire the beauty of outside.

You are invited to a special celebration called Pokey Day.  It hurt when I kept on getting poked.  Join me on the prairie.

Today, you are invited to a celebration called prickly things day.  Today was the first time I discovered prickly things,  come join me!

So find the book, enjoy nature, and plan a celebration!

You can always fold the paper, hamburger style twice to create an inviation.  But if you would rather, grab a rubric and make copies for your students.

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