Sunday, July 15, 2012

School Memory Link

I have a couple of kindergarten memories to share:

  1. After I had been sick for an entire week, I came back to school on the day of the field trip.  Everyone cheered for me when I walked in the door!  
  2. Monica S. asked me to kiss Matthew K.  She promised she wouldn't tell. After a little smooch, she went and told the entire class!
  3. Loved, loved, loved my kindergarten teacher.  She was saint-like in her patience, and she taught using themes!
  4. In first grade, we went back to kindergarten!  So much fun to play with our favorite toys.  The kindergartners had to act like first graders, and sit nicely.
  5. When we went on a field trip to the hospital, my teacher wanted me to volunteer to have my temperature checked.  I wouldn't do it because I had a fever and didn't want to go home.
  6. Not in kindergarten, but true story:  The circus train came through the town.  It didn't stop, just came by on the railroad tracks.  We, as a school, walked down to watch as the train went my.  Best field trip ever!
This was a great idea, thank you Jennifer at Simply Kinder!


  1. Those are such great memories! I think I would be down there now as a 31 year old if that circus train came through town!

    Your newest follower!

  2. This is a sweet list of memories. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I am a follow back kind of gal and I really like your blog.

    Here's to great childhood memories!

    First Class Teacher

  3. I love how when we're in the lower grades we hated to be sick and miss school, but when we got older it was so awesome, lol.

    Reading with Mrs. D
    Endless Pinabilities