Monday, July 2, 2012

Making Flags

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 Sarah is amazing!  She has a wonderful blog of crafts, recipes, and photography.  She graciously allowed me to share how to make these flag t-shirts.  

Harrison "modeling" the flag t-shirt
Before making t-shirts, we made them on paper.

The monster truck roll
Joshua did a great job tipping the truck back and forth to make the stripes.  This truck was the easiest to tip back and forth.  I also liked the striped it made!

Toy Story joining the party
We first covered the wheels with paint, then drove or tolled the trucks across the paper.

Emily making a flag

Emily, however, decided just to drive her truck around on paper.  I must admit, that her truck was a lot harder to tip back and forth.

Emily making the flag
She had so much fun driving the car around that she turned her entire paper white!

Paper Flag
Emily's Flag: a symbolic representation.

The tractor got a chance
The boys started to make flags as well: Harrison is working on his stripes while Joshua has started the stars.  I just cut a blue piece of card stock into four equal parts.  They added the stars with q-tips.

Adding the stars

Joshua soon realized he had too many stars--he decided it was the flag of the future!

Love it!
I love the artistic flair of this flag!  It is definitely is a flag of the future.

Now just to add a bit of education to the fun project.  Here is an acrostic poem you can do:
Picture of a flag acrostic
A Flag Acrostic

F is for flapping in the wind.
L is for lowering the flag at night.
A is for answering the call of the flag.
G is for giving us a symbol of freedom.

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  1. Fantastic

    Joshua age 7

  2. Flying

    Harrison age 9

  3. I love how creative they are! Such a cute idea! :)


  4. This is precious. Thanks for sharing your great ideas. I'm your newest follower.

  5. I love this idea!! So love that they painted with the trucks! To cute and fun!!! Thanks so much for linking up:) Hope you can come back next week and do it again:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  6. I love the flag. Acrostic poems are one of my favorite poems to teach.

    Thanks for sharing.