Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Made It!

Does it count if my husband and boys made it?
Maybe it could be used on a field day?

4th Grade Frolics
We had a birthday party for my little girl.  Water, water and more water.  We made our own water slide, and the best part was the kid's wash.  We started out small, but hopefully we will expand in upcoming years.

Here they are cutting the pipe.

Harrison is sanding it down.

Adding the connections!

The test run!!!  They decided the more holes the better.

Joshua liked to ride his scooter through it.

More fun with the test run!

It was a hit for the party!

Harrison is holding a sponge ball, that I did make.  We cut up three sponges and turned it into a ball.


  1. Super cute! It's been so hot here...I might have to make one! :) Hope the party was enjoyed by all.

  2. How fun! I know that it would be a huge hit in addition to our spring splash day at school.