Saturday, July 21, 2012

Suzuki Saturday #4: Fun ways to practice your review pieces

Emily's teacher compiled this list of great ideas!

  1.  Play them out of order
  2. Cross your hands
  3. Play the hardest pieces first, and the easiest pieces last
  4. Play standing up
  5. Use cards, dice, or a game
  6. Play on your finger bones
  7. Play in the dark with light off
  8. Don't restart your piece
  9. Left hand plays the right hand part, and then the right hand plays the left hand part
  10. Play your piece in another octave
  11. Try playing them with the metronome
  12. Give a concert for family and stuffed animals
  13. Play them all legato
  14. Play them as fast as you can
  15. OR-play them as slowly as you can!
  16. Remember wrist rolls on all long notes
  17. Pretend your piano teacher is listening
  18. Play them as beautifully as you can
  19. Play them with concentration--pay attention!
  20. Try not to play the wrong notes
  21. Play them with your eyes closed
  22. If you piece has A,B,A form (bread, cheese, bread), try playing only the cheese on the first try.
  23. Mix up the bread and cheese and play a "crazy piece"

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