Thursday, August 16, 2012

ABC Actions!

Image of the book Classrooms that Work: They can all Read and write
Classrooms that Work

I love this book!  It is a wonderful book for new teachers and gives great ideas how to set up a reading block.  I've already read it twice--but I think it deserves another read.

One of the activities in this book is Alphabet Actions.  For almost every consonant there is an action.  T-tap, C-catch, D-dance, and then ending with S-sit.  It could be used during for a time filler--a way to transition the students from one activity to a seated activity.  So with that in mind--I made posters for each action.

Here is one of my favorite: L-laugh

Ll is for laughter

Because this is a phonemic exercise, I only put pictures and letters, not the words.  This way the students can connect the letter to the sound it makes.  

Now you can always use my posters--or you can make your own!  I am sure the kids would love having this as a classroom book. 


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