Thursday, August 9, 2012

Story Maps

There are all different kinds of story maps--just as there are all types of stories.  My daughter loves the If you..... stories by Laura Numeroff.  Because these stories are circular, their story maps need to reflect the structure.  This is the finished copy of the map.  The milk and the napkin are now camouflaged, but they are there!

Picture of a cookie with items around it.
Sequence of If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

I love this visual of every item being around the giant chocolate chip cookie.  I think I would want another cookie much sooner than our friend the mouse wanted his.

I you think your students need a little more direction that a cookie in the middle of the paper, you can use this image instead.


Her is the document with visual directions of the items the mouse wanted!

The images: again the milk and napkins are camouflaged!

You can download the files from my TPT store!

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