Saturday, August 4, 2012

Suzuki Saturday: Learning the Alberti Bass

After Emily learned the right hand for all the songs, we started to add the left hand into her songs.  There are many songs she can already play with both hand: Honeybee, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Little Playmates. . . but now it was time to learn the Alberti Bass.

Emily's teacher, talked about how each broken chord was a house: the CGEG was Emily's house, and the BGEG was Addison's house.  We continued to practice just the left hand--and have ever slowly added measure by measure the Alberti bass into Lightly Row.

I found a way where we could practice each measure and have fun at the same time:  Making Lego minifigures!

Pretty Kitty and Addison's House and Emily's House

Emily would first pick out part of the piece to play.  If she picked a house, she only had to play the left hand.  The E house--CGEG and the A house--BGDG.    If she picked a picture, she would play both hands.

Lego Minifigure Factory
The heads, hair and accessories
 After she played the piece, she made a mini-figure.  She would choose the pants, shirt, head, and head covering.  I would close my eyes while she was creating!  We have played the game three times--so for her it's a keeper!
The almost finished practice!
 She loved playing this game. After she "mastered" the measure--I started adding on.  She can play the first four meaures: Hey there mouse, in your house, better stay inside your house.

Lego Minifigures!
I think we actually practiced the piece for about 45 minutes.  She had many breaks--making the minifigures--but that also gave her brain a restart!  I love the time we get to spend together on the piano.  Emily has also tried adding the Alberti Bass into her own compositions.  That means it is somehow sticking in her brain if she wants to use it as she explores the piano.

You can get the pictures and words for the song here.


  1. Picking the cards with which part to play is brilliant!

  2. I love all the minifigures. It looks like a fun way to practice!