Saturday, August 11, 2012

Suzuki Saturday--Music Camp

This summer we went to our first music camp!  We had a great time.  

Here is Emily in her Orff Class.  She loved it!

She made Aiken Drum.  The song they worked on every day!

Joshua telling the story of Aiken Drum.  He was the Key Maker.

Joshua's performance.  Their teacher was awesome!

Harrison during his private lesson.  They are playing a duet.  It was really fun.  She would say black and Harrison could only play on the black keys.  She would later yell white, and Harrison would play on the white keys!

Harrison playing with his teacher.

Joshua during Mime.  He is doing the warm-up.  He loved it!  Emily however did not.  We ended up skipping the class because it was too abstract for her and little or no visual cues.

Emily in art class!  The art teachers were wonderful!

Joshua is working on his Pollack piece.  It was so fun to go the the Art Institute this last week and see an actual Pollack.  A great time was had by all!

I like that this was a Piano Camp rather than a Suzuki Camp.  My boys take traditional lessons, so we could go as a family.  I loved how they offered lots of different types of classes.  We were able to stay in the dorms which had a kitchen, so I love the accommodations.     

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