Friday, August 3, 2012

Whole Brain Teaching: Grade 1 Classroom


  1. I'm going to be honest ... I'm not sure what I think of this. I like the "blow it in your hand" and the "teach" ... but the whole class parrot-like chanting is a bit odd. Hmm...just thinking out loud.
    Thanks for sharing the video though ... it's good to be aware of all sorts of methods:)

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    1. I think I would take some of it and incorporate into the classroom! It too like the whispering the answer in your hand. I also like how the student are held responsible for responding and being ready to learn--it is a little to chant like for me--but that might be good for some students. It kind of reminds me of Shirley English. I love honest discussions! So keep those comments coming!

    2. So I've never been a real teacher, but from a parent's perspective, my kids would HATE this!! They would feel like they just wasted 10 minutes repeating simple ideas that could have been explained in about 10 seconds. One of my kids actually asked the teacher if he could please be permanently excused from circle time because she used similar techniques. But not all kids are the same, so hopefully it works for those kids :)

    3. I think for smart kids who get the concept right away would hate this. There is no higher order of thinking or creativity involved in this activity. But on the other hand, some kids need the repetition. My favorite part of whole brain teaching is the management portion. When students are ready to learn, they get a smile. One of my favorite educators advocates making whole group activities help the highs, mediums, and lows. This seems to teach mainly to those who need the repetition, without asking any higher order of learning questions. I love all the comments because it makes me think about what I like about this teacher and this method, and what I might tweak or change! Thanks Jo!!! Jo, you are a real teacher.