Saturday, October 27, 2012

Suzuki Saturday--Spooky Post!

Music has a powerful way of making you feel: 


Or Sad!

Emily loves playing songs in minor keys.  When she does this--she calls it spooky--or sad.  So we decided to make a game out of it.  We take turns playing the piece--either we play it how it is written--or we play it with  E flats and A flats.

Our happy--bright--version of Long, Long Ago
Long, Long Ago by Thomas Haynes Bayly
Long, long ago on a bright sunny day.
I met a frog on top a log.
Long, long ago on a bright sunny day.
I met a frog on a log
He jumped so high, that I thought he could fly.
He jumped so high, that I thought he could fly.
Long, long ago on a bright sunny day, I met a frog on a log.

We have been working on the Alberti bass--so we cut out the pictures again--and broke the song into sections.  We played our games!

To add to our music--we added pictures and words for the spooky Long, Long Ago.

Here is our version.  I can play the Alberti Bass--but for now--Emily just plays the right hand.  We love hearing the spooky music in our house, especially this time of year!

Long, Long Ago: Spooky Words!

Long, long ago, on a dark cloudy day.
I met a ghost on top of a post
Long, long ago, on a dark cloudy day.
I met a ghost on a post.
He jumped, that I knew he could fly.
He jumped so high, that I knew he could fly.
Long, long ago, on a dark cloudy day.
I met a ghost on a post.

I found a lot of the clip art at  She has a great selection for personal use!  Enjoy this spooky time of year!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

More Bats---some writing ideas!

Bat Loves the Night, by Nicola Davies

I love this book: Bat Loves the Night, by Nicola Davies.  She is a wonderful writer--and it is filled with beautiful pros.  I love using this as a mentor text to help student expand their sentences to include metaphors and wonderful descriptions.  It also can introduce student to labeling.  

With this text--a student student could write a paragraph--and of course depending on the age of the student and their abilities--they could write more!

I love this book, I Wanna Iguana, by Karen Kaufman Orloff.  The little boy really wants a pet iguana, and he writes his mother friendly letters to convince her of benefits of owning a pet iguana!  Wouldn't it be fun to write a friendly letter to the principal, grownup, or anyone trying to convince them of the benefits of owning a pet bat!  How else could you get rid of the bug infestation of your home/ school.

Here is a template for the friendly letter--I Wanna Bat!

Friendly Letter Template

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bats, Bats, Bats

Thank you Tammy!  It was such a treat to be booed.  
Tammy at boo-ed me.  It is a fun little link up hosted by  I wanted to thank her--but all of my favorite bloggers have already been boo-ed.  I hope you don't mind if I don't boo others.  Am I breaking all blog edicate?  Anyways there are lots of great ideas being shared through the linky--and if you want to be boo-ed, and haven't--just send me an email at  

Now on to my post.  As part of the link--we are to share some freebies. Not hard for me, because everything I share is free.  I love bats--and so do so many others.  I have posted five of my favorite bat books, and some bat handouts.   My kids love to pretend to be bats.  They fly, hang up-side down, and of course hibernate.  So enjoy the great ideas that other bloggers are sharing--and I promise to boo you, if you so desire!

Zipping, Zapping, Zooming Bats, by Ann Earle
K-W-L Chart about Bats

Amazing Bats, By Seymour Simon

Skip Counting Worksheet

Bats, by Gail Gibbons

Bats can-have-are

Bats can fly... bats have wings.... bats are mammals....  your students can write many more!

Bat Loves the Night, By Nicola Davies

Vocabulary words for Bat Loves the Night

Stellaluna, by Janell Cannon

Sorting facts and imagination in Stellaluna
Story Map for Stellaluna

I drew the bat on Word--all by myself!  I am so proud!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Suzuki Saturday: Mountains and Houses




When Emily started to learn the Alberti Bass, she learned the broken chords in houses. She now knows six different houses: Emily's House(CGEG), Addison's House (BGDG), Olivia's House (CAFA), Frog's House (BGFG), Dog's House (CGC), and Cat's House (CEC).  Now we are learning songs in 3/4 time: we are replace houses with mountains.  We start climbing up the mountains: CEG.  Emily's Mountain: CEG and Addison's Mountain: (BDG).  I like the idea of mountains because we are climbing up the keyboard on the piano.  I love Cuckoo--and love hearing Emily play it with two hands on the piano!  We should be able to tackle Allegretto 1 with this same concept!  It is almost easier than Cuckoo because we will always be climbing up the mountain--never walking down!

Cuckoo, Cuckoo: Climb up the mountain
Calls from the tree top: walk down the mountain, then climb back up!
Calls from the wood: we go for a walk with our fingers through the forest.
Let us be singing: Climb up Addison's Mountain
Let us be dancing: Climb up Emily's Mountain
Come down to me: make a big leap then walk back down.

Cuckoo, A German Folk Song.  Pictures and Words

You can download the pictures and the words from my google drive!  Enjoy!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Skip Counting With Pumpkins

I love fall--don't you!  I love the smells, the cool weather, and the beautiful colors.  I also love skip counting.  It is a fun way to prepare students for multiplication.  Feel free to download the worksheets from my google drive!  Enjoy the fall and skip counting.
Skip Counting by 2's with Pumpkins!

Skip Counting Worksheet: 2-9

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Suzuki Saturday: Fruit Rhythms

Now when I had music in grade school--we learned rhythms with tas and ti-tis.  For little children, I prefer to do fruit rhythms.

quarter note:  plum


eighth note: apple



half note: lemon


I cut out the fruit and let Emily make her own patterns and rhythms.

fruit rhythms

This is what she came up with!

Now she claps the rhythm.  For lemon--she claps once on lem, then with her hands kept together she finishes by saying  on.  

She loves this game!

Here she goes again.  I think she is on lemon--a clap and then a hold.

fruit rhythms

I think this could easily be put into a math lesson--trying to teach children about patterns.  

You can download the fruit rhythms and their respective notes from my google drive.  

Or if you want just sheets of the apples, plums, and lemons to create your own fruit rhythms go here.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


William Steig is one of my favorite authors!  I love his picture book, Shrek.  I made up some worksheets to go along with the book.  You can use these for William Steig author study, or a Shrek lesson plan.

Shrek--Tree Chart--Can-Is-Has

Shrek, a character map

Can you believe I made this Venn Diagram in Word.  I really should buy a better program--but I can still produce some cool stuff in just word.

Shrek Venn Diagram
  You can download this diagram and other worksheets here!

I am wasn't 100% pleased--but I thought I would share!  Since I wasn't 100% pleased, I had to make two.

Shrek Venn Diagram

You can download this diagram and other worksheets here!