Saturday, October 6, 2012

Suzuki Saturday: Fruit Rhythms

Now when I had music in grade school--we learned rhythms with tas and ti-tis.  For little children, I prefer to do fruit rhythms.

quarter note:  plum


eighth note: apple



half note: lemon


I cut out the fruit and let Emily make her own patterns and rhythms.

fruit rhythms

This is what she came up with!

Now she claps the rhythm.  For lemon--she claps once on lem, then with her hands kept together she finishes by saying  on.  

She loves this game!

Here she goes again.  I think she is on lemon--a clap and then a hold.

fruit rhythms

I think this could easily be put into a math lesson--trying to teach children about patterns.  

You can download the fruit rhythms and their respective notes from my google drive.  

Or if you want just sheets of the apples, plums, and lemons to create your own fruit rhythms go here.


  1. Today, 17 Oct. Shinichi Suzuki's (1898) birthday today. He invented the Suzuki method.

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