Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Mitten

Did you know that there are three books called The Mitten?  I love each book!  

The Mitten, by Jan Brett

I love Jan Brett's version for the beautiful illustrations.

The Mitten, by Alvin Tresselt

Alvin  Tresselt's for its purity and simple lines.

The Mitten, by Jim Aylesworth
Jim Aylesworth's version for its humor. 

Now for a bit of learning:

Venn Diagram comparing The Mitten by Aylesworth and Brett

I made these Venn Diagrams--which you can download for free at my TPT store.

For your convenience, you can also order the books from Amazon.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Multiplication Bump--by . . . .

Multiplication Bump
I love these bump games--mostly because it is the only way I can get my boys to study math facts.  I made these up--in hopes that we can learn all the multiplication facts!  Enjoy!  You can download it for free at my TPT store.

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Last of the Turkeys!

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week!  This month is just flying by.  I hope everyone will have a great few days feasting and relaxing.  I am driving with the three kids to see my husband on his layover.  It will be fun to spend Thanksgiving as a family; I just hope the weather holds for the drive.  I am going to bring Thanksgiving dinner for him and his crew, so it will definitely be a Thanksgiving to remember!

Friendly Letter--To or From a Turkey!

I posted this template of a friendly letter when I was doing the bat unit.  I made a quick change to make it friendly letter to or from a turkey. Let the imaginations flow!  Fun!

Sequencing Puzzle:  number 1-10

These puzzles are so easy to make!  Just create a table and put the pictures on it!  Students have practice with sequencing--and it is fun to create the picture.  I found these turkeys in Word.  I like using black and white as it is easier to copy and print.

Sequencing puzzle: Skip Counting by Threes

Now here is one by threes.  I love skip counting!  It is a great way to prepare students for multiplication.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Roll a Turkey!!!

Roll a Turkey

I love games, and I hope that students learn with the games as well.  There are many roll a turkey games out there.  I like this one because the body and head are already in place--making it a bit easier to add the other turkey parts.  I hope you enjoy as well!

You can download it from my google drive.

Now, I am not a very good artist.  I have learned that with simple shapes and simple instructions I can draw. I know that it is important for students to learn how to listen and follow directions throughout their school career.  I found instructions on how to draw a turkey:  

How to draw a turkey.

I love using this as a tool to help students follow directions--and maybe give them some skills to use for creativity.  For the full instructions go to Leslie Tryon's Website.

I also love this book!

These are not your pre-school alphabet books.  It has wonderful poetry for each letter along with informational text.  I love it!

For more fun Thanksgiving activities you can go to Beach Sand and join the Linky Party!

You can also find even more ideas at Primary Inspiration!

Monday, November 5, 2012

November Monday Made it: It's Turkey Time!

can--have--are--graphic organizer!

I just love these!  We do these all the time at home.  Last month we read all about bats, and made these.  My 5 year old wrote in the are box: not birds!  So now we get to learn that turkeys are birds, they can fly, and they have waddles.  Fun, Fun, Fun!

You can download the graphic here!

Gratitude Turkey
 We made this gratitude turkey.  Every Monday, we are going to add a sticky note to the turkey!  It will be fun to see the turkey disappear under all the sticky notes!

My first packet I am trying to sell at my TPT store

My first attempt at trying to sell something.  I am trying to earn enough money from my TPT store to go to music camp this summer with my kids.  So if I sell 1,000 of these--we can go.

Packet part 2

Sorting Turkeys--this is the at turkey!

This is part of the packet. I love sorts--I think it is a great way to read and learn how to spell words.  Easy to make and I hope easy to use!

Making our spooky house

I like to make our spooky house after Halloween.  We are still in the spooky mood--but we get it at half the price! 

Our Spooky House!

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

November Currently and Bump--IT

I love when my kids will play the piano.  Getting them to practice is a lot of work--but I hope they appreciate the skill they are gaining.  

I always put off showering to the very last minute before I have to run out the door--when if I took it earlier, it would be a lot better!

I would love my own laminator--but I would probably use it far too much.

My kids are generally happy and healthy--but I couldn't think of anything else I needed.

My five year old has been taking piano lessons for almost two years.  We are always listening to her music.  She is almost ready for her Book 1 recital.  Hooray!

Now for some freebies: 

Thanksgiving is......  by Gail Gibbons
I love Gail Gibbon's book: and here is a 4-square to go along with the book!

Thanksgiving is 4-square writing template

You can download your own copy here.

Multiplication Bump
You can get this from my TPT store--or just to make it more convenient you can get it here!

Now to see other great web sites-- check out the link up with Farley!

Friday, November 2, 2012

It's Time to Give Thanks!

I love Jack Prelutsky's poetry!  When I taught second grade, we had a poem book--his poems were always a favorite!  Here is one I enjoyed from his book.


If turkeys thought, they'd run away
a week before Thanksgiving Day,
but turkeys can't anticipate,
and so there's turkey on my plate.

Well, the turkeys from this turkey farm couldn't anticipate Thanksgiving coming, but the children on the field trip anticipated the great day!  The elementary children saved the Turkeys from their fate!

Now, this turkey thinks he is special--even better than all the chickens because he is invited to a grand feast. He doesn't realize that he is the main course.

I love this sweet book.  They invite the turkey to enjoy Thanksgiving with them.  Turkey keeps hiding and running away because he thinks he will be the main course!

I love this book!!!  Thanksgiving is...... my favorite holiday.  Well Gail didn't write that sentence, but she wrote many more.  It is a great mentor book for students to write a sentence about Thanksgiving.  Then they can add supporting details!  

I made this writing sheet.  First, the students could write a sentence: Thanksgiving is . . .   Then, the students could add some supporting details or adjectives in the feathers.  As a teacher, you could decide how many feathers each student could fill--or none at all!

I love the wonderful nonfiction that is available to young students!  It might be fun to do a comparison to then and now!  I think this book would be great for upper primary grade read aloud--or lower grades!  

I love this book because it is about children.  The most exciting aspect of this book: I learned I am a descendant of one of the young pilgrims in this book.    So that might not be exciting for your young students, but it is exciting for me!

First Grade Found Me has a linky party.  So link up--or just browse to get other great ideas for Thanksgiving books.