Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fractured Fairy Tales

As many of you know--I love different versions of the same story--I love them even better when they are messed up--or fractured.  We have been working on our own version of the Gingerbread Man--but instead of just being a man it is an Ninja.  This Ninja doesn't just run: he fights, he hides, he uses candy weapons, and of course he gets away and returns to the Master Ninja for the final test!

First, we made a Ninja Man
(we found the cookie cutters at Target!--love Target!)
Then we wrote out the character traits we wanted for our Ninja:

We then had to make the hideout for our Ninja man.   The boys wanted to design their own houses.  I made a template and rolled and cut out the dough.  You can find the recipe here. After he fights, runs, and outsmarts his pursuers, he finds his way to the Ninja Master.  There he faces the final test:  can he sneak up on the Ninja Master's home without being detected?  

Does he make it--well you will just have to read our book to find out!

We also decided to change the setting.  The Gingerbread Man is set in the country--for our fractured fairy tale:  we chose Chicago.  

Of course, you could always go the traditional route and make a gingerbread house with pink frosting--just in case  you weren't into Ninjas! 

Remember that camouflage is very different in the candy world than the natural world!

You can write your own fractured fairy tales or get your students started here.