Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cat in The Hat

A very easy, fun, DIY  Cat in the Hat treat!  

DIY Dr. Seuss Themed Treat!

First, make red frosting!

DIY Classroom Treat!

Then take mini-vanilla wafers and put frosting in-between each cookie.

DIY Cat in the Hat Birthday Treat

Add it to a frosted regular size vanilla wafer.  Voila--a hat.  I love how you can even get the curve and slope of the hat by using the wafers and frosting.  Love this activity.  I did it with my second graders and it was easy and super, duper fun!

Cat in the Hat Treat!

Love this hat!  

And just to add a little education to the fun craft:  here is a Cat in the Hat is---has--can chart!  Enjoy!

The Cat in the Hat Graphic Organizer

You can get my graphic organizer from Google Drive!  Enjoy!