Monday, July 29, 2013

French Fry Containers

Two weeks ago I posted these fun anchor charts for long division.  You can find them here.

But alas, Target doesn't carry the cool cheeseburger containers anymore.  So I made my own.  You can just print the containers on color card stock and voila you have a very cool container.  You can find it from my google drive.  

Find other great ideas and room decor at Monday Made It!  

You can also find great freebies at Manic Monday!  

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Suzuki Saturday: the shoulders

Shoulders are very important as a part of good piano posture.  First, proper shoulder position helps the pianist have more freedom to move your arms.  They should be relaxed and open which allows you to breathe more easily.  Emily's piano teacher calls this the ready position.  You check your posture, hand position, shoulder position, arm position, feet position.  Learning to have good posture and getting into posture, helps a pianist to relax, breathe, and think before they play their piece.  I've seen a pianist take a small break between movements and rest, breathe, and get into ready position. They were then able to play a very difficult piece because they were relaxed and ready!   

Piano Posture

Joshua is showing proper shoulder alignment.  His shoulders are down and moved back.  He looks relaxed and his front line is open.   His shoulders are straight and tall, but not scrunched up and he is not hunched over.  

He might be playing a song from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Here he is as a hunchback playing. You can already see how this posture doesn't allow for the same freedom of movement.  His lung capacity is greatly diminished!  

Here is his intense move.  This can cause extra tension and poor breathing!  This is how I play--which causes even more mistakes then if I just relaxed my shoulders, and had proper posture.

Here are some ways that can help you get in the right position:  

Move your shoulders up and down to your ears.

Draw circles with your shoulders.  This helps the shoulders relax.  It also helps the student find the range of motion.  

You can also try and touch the shoulder blades together.  This opens the front line and helps the shoulder to be open and relaxed.

A great way to think about it: straight lines:  The shoulders should be a straight line.  I hope this helps. Next week--its going to be about the elbows!!  

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dollar Days #6

Dollar Days are here!  I want to share another great way I've found to use the french fry containers from Target.  Sadly, they are no longer on sale, but maybe they will return!  I really love this book:

I never really understood our spelling system.  I always received 100% on all my spelling test, mostly because I studied.  But for some reason all that studying for spelling tests didn't transfer into my daily writing.  I believed if I had studied spelling using the approach from this book, my spelling would have greatly improved!  They use words sorts, word families, and word studies.  When I was first introduced to this book, and its methods,  a light bulb went off in my head and I started to understand our spelling system!  I try to incorporate this method, with my own kids.  When my son brings home his spelling list, I look up the word families in this book and type up the words and have him sort them every night.  It really seemed to help his spelling in his writing.  But think how powerful this would be if he did it at home and school!  He has wonderful teachers, and I know they use direct instruction and show the word families, but I really, really wish they would use the system.  Students would be placed in different spelling groups based on an spelling assessment.  It is just really, really cool!  

So this is what I made from his first spelling list of fourth grade!  

It's a sort for the long e sound, spelling the words with an ea or an ee.  A simple sort--my very bright first grader did it.  But she loves sorting things so it really fits her brain!  They are supposed to look like french fries.  

This is how it looks once sorted!  I love it!  

I also wanted to share some items I found from Jill at her Little Red Wagon's Store. 

She has a wonderful Bee theme:  This item is free.  She also has bee counters as incentives for 1.00!  

You can find this beauty at her store!    

Now for the rules!

Most important:  please include the link to!  

Share items that you buy!!!
Share items that you make from dollar items!!!
Share anything that you want to sell from your store that is in the dollar range (up to $2 is fine.  I know you make no money from dollar items at your store!)  
Share anything that you love for only a dollar!  Yes, my favorite dollar item is Diet Coke from McDonald's.  

Thank you everyone who has linked up in the past!  

So grab my button, and find some great ideas and finds from dollar days!   

A Teacher without a Class

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Perfect Square

Perfect Square, one of the nominees for 2014 Monarch Award!
Perfect Square, by Michael Hall

I love creativity and thinking outside the box.  I really love seeing children's creativity form and develop!  This book is thinking about the box, and what you can create with that box.  Well not really a box, a square.  The author/illustrator changes the square by cutting, ripping drawing added features into flowers, mountains, streams, bridges and fountains.  

Illustration from Perfect Square

Can you tell that this flower garden was made out of a square.  A great way to think about the square its shape and what you can create from the square!  With the river, I can see the edges of the square.  

Illustration from Perfect Square
Materials needed for the project:  
A square for each child.
Writing Materials
Directions: each child must use every piece from its square to create a new item.  Nothing can be thrown out.  You will be amazed at their creativity!  I know I was blown away!  

My son Harrison made a map.  We had just visited an arboretum.  His map shows all the trees.  I like how the paths are made by the background color.  

My son Joshua can't just make a 2-D picture--he folds and creates the picture to be a volcano fighting sub.  So this boat can travel through lava!  

My daughter made a boat in a storm.  Can you see the lightning that hit the boat?  
We had a great time, and this piece of creativity took very little time.  
To see all the other wonderful illustrations by Michael Hall, you can view the video!  

Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Made-It: Birthday Style

We have been doing birthdays, cub scout day camp, and many other activities!  I just wanted to share our outdoor setting for my daughter's birthday.  I know it's not the traditional Monday Made It--but it was fun!

Kids Wash

Original sprinkler and kids wash with our double long slip n slide.  Loads of fun!  We also had two pools set up in the yard and sponge balls!  

To find other great ideas for the classroom--which I usually share--go to 4th Grade Frolics and look at all the great ideas out there!  

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dollar Days #5

Yesterday was a fun filled day!  Starting at 9am I had a job interview!!!  I really liked the principal, and the school had a nice atmosphere.  I really like when you walk into a school and can just feel it is a good place, and the school had that type of feeling.  Then my daughter had piano lessons.  She is doing really well.  We are working on Book 2 in Suzuki.  She just started playing Bach in G Major.  It's hard to believe that she is only six.  Her talent is amazing!  Then we went swimming, and had movie night.  Needless to say, the blog came in dead last among my list of priorities.  So I'm bringing dollar days on Thursday, instead of Wednesday.  Thank you everyone for linking up last week!  I love seeing all the items you sell, find, buy, or make with dollar items.  
 Last week Jivey linked up all her wonderful finds from Target Dollar Spot!  
She has an amazing blog!  I keep going back again and again just for quick answers to my tech questions!  It's so easy to find with a cool name like Jivey!  

Photo Courtesy of Jivey!  

She found these and wondered what she was going to do with them.  I did the same thing.  I bought them knowing they would be useful, then thought of this great idea!   

Anchor Chart for Long Division

Does McDonald's serve cheeseburgers? 

Please share your great Dollar Finds!  Share anything you love, buy, sell, make, or find for a dollar!  I can't wait to see everything you find!

A Teacher without a Class

Monday, July 8, 2013

Long Division and Cheeseburgers!

Monday Made it! 

Today I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frolics and her amazing Monday Made it!  I found these great containers at the Target Dollar Spot.  I knew exactly what I wanted to make!  A cute little reminder for students to have on their desks while the work out their long division problems.  

I also created an anchor chart! 

Long Division Steps

Long Division Anchor Chart

Does McDonald's Serve Cheese Burgers?

I'm really please how they turned out!  I found the clipart from Pam's Clipart! 

I made this one page poster, and the six cut outs.  There are six cheeseburger cartons in each package, so it perfectly coincidences!  You can download the file that from my google drive! 
Does McDonald's Serve Cheese Burgers?

Does McDonald's Serve Cheeseburgers

Find other great ideas at Monday Made It!

Come back on Wednesday, and find other great dollar finds!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Back to School Bloglovin Blog Hop and a Giveaway!

As many of you know, google reader is gone.  How can we better console ourselves, than by having a blog hop to find our new favorite blogs in the teaching blogging world!  Today, I'm joining in with Teaching Is A Gift to host this Bloglovin Blog Hop!  

Teaching is a Gift made these amazing classroom posters with chalkboard background for free!  

For my part, I am almost at 300 followers on Bloglovin--so I thought I'd share my favorite giveaway!  A laminator.  What teacher doesn't want a laminator!  If you would like to sweeten your blog hop with a giveaway or a freebie, you can as well, but it is completely optional!  
First the Giveaway! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway Now onto the rules of the Blog Hop.

General Guidelines for Blogs and Blog Posts for this Link Up

  1. Only elementary education blogs for teachers or by teachers will be included in the link up.
  2. Write a blog post about BLOGLOVIN, the blog hop and reasons why you want readers to follow your blog using bloglovin.
  3. Please don’t include product links and promotions in this blog post unless it is free or part of your giveaway.
Be sure to add the Back to School with Bloglovin badge image and make sure it's linked to the Back to School with Bloglovin blog post on Teaching Is A Gift and Teacher Without a Class by grabbing a button. Copy and paste the exact code in the little box below the picture: 

  • We prefer new blog posts, but if you add the badge to an old blog post, please start pinning it and promoting it again. Thanks!
  •  To make the blog hop collaborative, you need to either include the linky code at the end or tell your followers to click on the Back to School with Bloglovin logo to find more blogs. If you want the Blog Hop to show up on your blog--just click on the grab the code at the end of the linky.  Once you have copied the code, place the code in the blog by clicking on the HTML button and paste the code.  

How to Join the Back to School Blog Hop Link Up
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  2. In the NAME field write the name of your blog..      In the EMAIL field, write an email address I can use contact you if necessary. This email address will not be visible to others.
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dollar Days #4

Thank you everyone who linked up last week!  I loved looking through all the wonderful items you make, buy, sell, or love a dollar!  I can't wait to see what you have this week!  

Here are the features from last week.  

Crayons & Storybooks made this beautiful Welcome Banner which you can purchase from her TPT store.  

Fifth in the Middle found twist erasers at Michaels

Yearn to Learn organized her common core material in these awesome accordion folders!  

Now onto this week:

Share anything you love, find, buy, make, or sell within the dollar range.  Anything from free to 1.99.  

Please grab a button or link back to the page anywhere in your blogpost so we can share the love!  

Please link to your specific post!  

A Teacher without a Class

Monday, July 1, 2013

Minute to Win It: Math Facts Style!

"The game begins in 3-2-1"
This deceptively easy challenge: stacking four dice on a popsicle stick while holding it your mouth--all in under a minute.  The math-facts style is having the dice add up to the number on the stick.

As we are working on multiplication--they are all multiple of 4.  What times 4 equals 4?  My oldest son decided to try 12, he will stack each die on top of each other with the three being the top face of that die.

The stick

The task: he places the first die on his stick.  

He now has two dice on the stick.  

Now he is adding the third!
He did it--he just needs to add the fourth die in under a minute!  Can he do it? The clock is ticking down, the audience is yelling, 10, 9, 8 . ....

Yes he can!  He did it!  Minute to win it: math style! 

The yellow popsicle sticks are all multiples of 5!  The challenge: stack five dice on the stick while holding it your mouth.  The math challenge : what should the top face of each die be to add up to 30? 

He chose the 30--can he do it?

He knows that 30/5=6, so each top face of the five dice needs to be a 6.  So far he is on the right track!  

His dice add up to 12. 



Can he make it to 30, only with full concentration!  

He did it!  

 To see other great classroom ideas--head over to Monday Made It at Fourth Grade Frolics!

If you are looking for another great linky--come join me on Wednesday for Teacher Dollar Days.  You can share anything that you find, sell, buy, or love that is in the dollar range!  Anywhere from free-1.99!  Check out last weeks finds!    I'll be hosting it on Wednesday!  

A Teacher without a Class