Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Perfect Square

Perfect Square, one of the nominees for 2014 Monarch Award!
Perfect Square, by Michael Hall

I love creativity and thinking outside the box.  I really love seeing children's creativity form and develop!  This book is thinking about the box, and what you can create with that box.  Well not really a box, a square.  The author/illustrator changes the square by cutting, ripping drawing added features into flowers, mountains, streams, bridges and fountains.  

Illustration from Perfect Square

Can you tell that this flower garden was made out of a square.  A great way to think about the square its shape and what you can create from the square!  With the river, I can see the edges of the square.  

Illustration from Perfect Square
Materials needed for the project:  
A square for each child.
Writing Materials
Directions: each child must use every piece from its square to create a new item.  Nothing can be thrown out.  You will be amazed at their creativity!  I know I was blown away!  

My son Harrison made a map.  We had just visited an arboretum.  His map shows all the trees.  I like how the paths are made by the background color.  

My son Joshua can't just make a 2-D picture--he folds and creates the picture to be a volcano fighting sub.  So this boat can travel through lava!  

My daughter made a boat in a storm.  Can you see the lightning that hit the boat?  
We had a great time, and this piece of creativity took very little time.  
To see all the other wonderful illustrations by Michael Hall, you can view the video!  


  1. Replies
    1. I love this too! The first time I saw this done it was with a group of kinders! I loved seeing their creativity.

  2. I used this book for my very last art class of the year. It was a great way to use up some of our scrap paper and the students were so creative.

    1. It's such an awesome book for any age! Love, love, love it!