Thursday, August 22, 2013

Roll and Cover: Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat: math printable

Isn't this fun!  I love it!  We even used buttons to cover the numbers.  Emily has been having a hard time in math, so we do a little math every day when she comes home from school.  She loves Pete!  So I quickly made up the easy roll and cover game.  I hope all of you will also enjoy it! You can get it from my google drive.  I'm off on a subbing job today!  I am teaching music.  I am so excited!   

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Book Whisperer--and a poem

I recently read the Book Whisperer this summer.  I loved the book, and I would love to teach literature as a reader's workshop!  She totally ditched the idea of book reports.  I think this poem might explain:

Image of a hand holding a piece of paper with a poem
Book Report, poem by Carol Diggory Shields

You can find this wonderful poem here!  Instead she would have the children write book reviews.  More on that soon!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Outstanding Teachers

An outstanding teacher loves teaching.  In that the teacher is always looking for ways to improve.  They reflect on their teaching and build upon the moments that went well and ask themselves what they could do to make things better.  They are always striving to increase their knowledge and craft.  They improve both their knowledge of teaching as well as the subject.  In addition, they are always teaching.  They use mundane tasks to teach, and continually use think-alouds as a teaching method. 

An outstanding teacher loves and knows the students.  They have high expectations for every student.  They scaffold and coach the students to reach these expectations.  They teach the students to self regulate and monitor their own thinking and learning.  Above all, they use the students’ interest as a springboard for further learning and growth. 

 An outstanding teacher maximizes their time.  They give students many opportunities to read, have excellent classroom management.  They recognize the importance of creating life-long learners.  They use that as their motivating factor in teaching.  

What do you think makes an outstanding teacher?