Wednesday, February 5, 2014

President's Day Giveaway!

My dear friend, and one of the finest teachers, just posted two awesome products on Teacher Pay Teachers Store.  

So I am hosting a small, but fun, giveaway.  There will be four, yes four, lucky winners!  

Win one of Sandy Timmerman's products.  

You can view the Abe Lincoln here and the George Washington here.  

I love books so much, that I had to throw in this book. 

Or you can win this book!  

Finally, you can win my math packet of multiplication and division games.  A fun packet for the month of February!  Find it here.  

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  1. We always read "Just Like Abraham Lincoln" and "George Washington's Breakfast" when we study presidents. :o)


  2. I'm not a teacher...maybe that's why I don't have a favorite children's book about Presidents. :(

  3. Aww thank you so much! I really appreciate your shout out and am so glad we are friends! You are the best!