Friday, June 27, 2014

five for friday

My son has been able to go to band camp this week!  It's been really great for him.   We get to hear the concert tonight.  Amazing to think that the band has only been together one week!  

I started reading this book, and so far I find it interesting, but not as eye opening as The Book Whisperer.  I am not even through the first chapter, so I'll press forward!  

I've been trying to get ready for this trip!  We are going east to my parents house, and we are planning on sight seeing along the way!  My hope is to just have fun!  
More writing by my little girl.  

The Important Book Writing

I used Margaret Wise Brown's The Important Book as a mentor text and this four-square graphic organizer to help her write a cute paragraph about koalas. 

The important thing about a koala is that a joey eats its mother's poop.  They have two thumbs and a claw.  Their wide noses smell the best leaves.  Cars hurt koalas and koalas get into danger!  But, the most important things about a koala is that it east its mother's poop.  

I've been reading about Australia and its animals for my Australian unit.  I really wanted a picture of a joey coming out of its mother's pouch.  I found this great youtube video instead!  Even better!  

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  1. Have a wonderful vacation! It looks like you have so many fun things to see. I love what kids think is the "important thing." Love it! :)
    Happy Summer!
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