Saturday, June 21, 2014

Five for Friday--on Saturday

Today I'm linking up with Doodlebugs for five on Friday.  

I finally posted a product for TPT this summer!!!!  I've been working on my Australian Unit--which is fun--but still had time to put together a fun comprehension package of Robert Munsch's book Stepahanie's Ponytail

It's at my TPT store 

Robert Munsch's Stephanie's Ponytail classroom activities

I loved doing the character poem with my daughter.  

I love how the character poem turned out. 

Character Poem for Stephanie's Ponytail

nice, silly, independent.
Who love ponytails.
Who feels angry when her friends copy her.
Who needs a new ponytail.
Who ends up with a nice ponytail coming right out the back.
The smartest character in a Robert Munsch book.
written by Emily.  

I have really loved using Story maps with Emily as a way to build her comprehension and comprehension strategies.  I really hope it builds a great foundation for her reading as she moves into second grade!  I also created some story maps for Munsch books that are free: Mortimer and I Have to Go Pee.  It's so nice to allow her over the summer to pick the books she wants to read, and just help her work on the skills with her top picks!  Munsch is such a great pick for her because she builds vocabulary, reading levels, and sets a great foundation for comprehension.  

I loved getting comments from Australian bloggers!  It's been so fun to read books about Australia!  It's been fun to see Emily's imagination grow as we've been studying about Australia.  We've been trying to save koalas from fires, cars, and construction workers.  

First Day of summer!  
Kid's Wash

Kid's Wash Slip and Slide! 

We are going to set up our kid's wash with the slip and slides to celebrate!  
You can always make one yourself!  


I cleaned out the crisper of the refrigerator and put in some delicious watermelon!  We can grab some whenever we want a healthy snack!  

Playing piano with my girl!  Love being able to connect with her through music.  I've also enjoyed nice walks with my boys, and reading, reading, reading!  

Happy Summer Everyone!  

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