Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Squirrels Stop--WHY?--It's an instinct!

We have all seen a squirrel run out into the road, stop and hold perfectly still, then turn around.

Squirrel caught in the road

  I think, like this poster, we have wondered, WHY!!!!  It seems so silly, we even say or think  the other S word--STUPID.  Rather than being stupid, it's an instinct.  This inborn behavior is meant to protect the squirrel from its enemies. Squirrels, like other prey, use these behaviors  to protect themselves from predators.  If they hold perfectly still, the predator often moves on.  I find this remarkable, genius even.  Here is an animal, that is always on the go, can hardly ever hold still, and just one moment, it holds perfectly still. Pretty amazing!
Squirrel in the road

I love learning about this animal--incredible!  

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