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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Mincraft Monster School Takes the Parcc!

Minecraft Monsters take the Parcc

Monster School: Parcc Testing
        Emily the Zombie Pigman  had to take a Parcc test from Herobrine (the monster school teacher).   Harrison, the Skeleton,   and Joshua the Elder Guardian had already started the Parcc test.  Harrison was catching up on the slime.  When the Wither was about to take the test, the Zombie Pigman was writing the words!

The Silverfish needed help to write those words. Nobody wanted to help him so the Silverfish used his tail to write the words.  His keyboard got soaking wet.  Just kidding, it really isn’t a fish.

Herobrine shook his head.

When the Wither got some correct, but most of them were wrong.

Herobrine shook his head. 

The Baby Zombie Villager was finished the first question, and got it correct.  When the Baby Zombie Villager was on the second question, he burned the test and crashed the entire system.  Just kidding, he just blew up his computer.
Herobrine shook his head.

The Ghast was on the third question.  He got the first two correct, but failed on all the others. 

Herobrine shook his head. 

The Elder Guardian put a helmet on his head and plugged it into the computer and completed the Parcc Test with a perfect score with epic music playing in the foreground.  He then went for a swim. 

Herobrine clapped and nodded his head. 

Harrison the Skeleton shot his bow and arrow on the computer and it just turned black, making it impossible for him to take his Parcc test. 

Herobrine shook his head. 

Emily the Zombie Pigman got most of them correct and did her best in Herobrine’s room. 

Herobrine nodded his head,

 everyone had almost completed the  Parcc test.  It was almost over.. . . . . 

Finally, The Creeper got a hoe and used the hoe to take the Parcc test.  No one could read his answers.  The Creeper was on the eighth question and he put TNT on the keyboard. Kaboom, the computer was shut down. 

Herobrine shook his head.

The End!!!! 

 We wrote this on the Eve of Emily's first Parcc Test.