Saturday, September 17, 2016

Homework Motivation and Organization

With school back in full swing, we needed a way to ensure that my teenager had all his supplies ready to go for homework.  I made a homework caddy for him and his sister!  I had to order the summer steal food caddy from Target as it was the end of the summer.  It was well worth the wait.  It is huge, and can hold a variety of items.  My brain began turning, this could be more than just a homework caddy--it could be a writing station caddy!

The caddy can fit over 6 composition notebooks, scissor, glue, crayons, color pencils, highlighters, and over 48 sharpened pencils.  

Easy to store and organize your writing center with this caddy!  

It was fun to make and buy this item for my children!  Can't wait to try it out in the classroom!  I would use it for a poetry notebook center.  Students need to cut, glue, and decorate their poems!  

I love how much you can hold in this caddy!