Monday, May 8, 2017

Shape Sorter, Shape Sorter

Sorting 3-D Shapes

I still remember one great moment while taking children on a 3-D shape hunt.  We were standing in the hall, and the second grader said, "We are standing in a rectangular prism."  Yes the hallway is a rectangular prism.  Love how she was thinking outside the box of our explanations, while we were standing in a huge box.

This is a fun little sort of 3-D shapes.  I hope it brings to life 3-D shapes for your students as it did for mine.  Maybe, they too, can think outside the box!!!

3-D Shape Sorter

Shape Sorter
This is a great way to meet the common core standards: K.G.A.1, K.G.A.3, 1.G.A.2, 2.G.A..1

You can buy this product at my TPT store! 


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